Riverside Modern Photo 1

Riverside Modern Resources Survey

Riverside’s population grew dramatically after World War II. What was once a small agricultural community grew into an increasingly larger city in the postwar era. The population boom required the construction of housing in all of its forms and associated services, institutions, and infrastructure. Between 1935 and 1965, 26,299 parcels and 640 tract maps were approved by the City of Riverside. As a result, Riverside has a large pool of modern buildings representing a variety of styles and types, and an important collection of resources designed by locally-significant architects. 

HRG worked with the City of Riverside to conduct a citywide, intensive level survey and evaluation of potentially significant Modern resources based on the City’s recently-developed Modern Context Statement. Identified resources include individual buildings, residential and commercial historic districts, and historic signs. This project included the preparation of Department of Parks and Recreation Primary Records (DPR 523A), Building, Structure and Object Records (DPR 523B); and District Records (DPR 523D), as appropriate.

The survey project included the development of a Multiple Property Documentation nomination form which the City can submit to the National Park Service to guide and inform the evaluation (and potential designation) of resources from this period in the National and California Registers. The survey findings were integrated into the City’s overall planning process, and help to inform local planning efforts and CEQA.