Constance Hotel

Cabrillo Beach Bath House

HRG worked for the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, their architects, and the builders to complete major structural improvements and material repairs, reverse incompatible alterations, and update systems and functions, while retaining the historic character of the 1932 Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse in San Pedro.

The building is beloved by generations of San Pedro residents, who watched over the work. The damp, salty seaside environment had accelerated the deterioration of wood, metals, and cement plaster. The ocean periodically flooded the building during storms. The original foundations were built, literally, on shifting sands. Few of our projects have required the extent of improvements and material repairs, from the ground up, to save the building, while protecting historic spaces and finishes.

The property now serves beach-goers, has spacious community meeting facilities, and still conveys the feeling of a 1932 trip to the beach. The project received awards from both the California Preservation Foundation and the Los Angeles Conservancy.