We build communities’
legacies by preserving
their historic resources.

Historic Resources Group’s unique mix of professionals—including architectural historians, architects, historians, planners, conservators, marketing professionals and educators—are committed to providing clients with personal, knowledgeable, and expert counsel and work product.

We specialize in issues related to the preservation of the historic built environment. Many of our projects include a combination of two or more of these services. Because of this breadth of expertise, we can help clients determine the best, most cost effective approach to their projects. We provide the following services:

  • CEQA Cultural Resources
  • CEQA Environmental Review
  • CEQA Technical Report
  • Construction monitoring
  • Consultation
  • Cultural Landscape Report
  • Design Consultations
  • Environmental Consultation
  • Federal Historic Tax Credit Rehabilitation
  • HABS Documentation
  • Historic Context
  • Historic Resources Survey Field Work and Documentation
  • Historic Structure Report
  • HSR
  • Mills Act Application
  • Preliminary historic assessment
  • Policy and Regulatory Consultation
  • Preservation Plan
  • Rehabilitation
  • Restoration
  • Section 106 Documentation
  • Specific/Community Plan
  • Survey LA Public Participation Program