Paso Robles Photo 1

City of Paso Robles

Paso Robles is a city with a rich history. An important outpost for the nearby Mission San Luis Obispo and Mission San Miguel dating back to the eighteenth century, the City was formally incorporated in 1889. The city’s early development is closely associated with its connection to the missions and location along El Camino Real; the artesian hot springs; ranching; and agricultural activity. Later development was driven by the completion of the U.S. 101 Freeway and the establishment of the nearby military base at Camp Roberts. Paso Robles’ architectural heritage includes resources from all periods of its development. Although the city boasts an active historic preservation association, official efforts to identify and catalogue historic resources had languished since the 1980s. When a specific plan was proposed to revitalize the city’s downtown, historic preservation became a priority.

Historic Resources Group served as historic preservation consultant for the development of the downtown specific plan, including participation in several design charrettes to identify opportunities for future growth and development in the historic commercial core, and the preparation of environmental documents related to the specific plan. HRG focused on identifying historic structures and preservation strategies compatible with the city’s goals for economic revitalization.

HRG worked with city staff to review and update the city’s historic preservation framework. This included the preparation of a citywide historic context statement, the first citywide, intensive-level survey of historic resources since the 1980s, and the creation of the city’s first historic preservation ordinance, which was adopted by the City Council in 2011. HRG also worked with City staff to conduct community workshops and to provide historic preservation training for staff, residents, and community leaders.