Sunset Bronson Photo 1

Sunset Bronson Studios

Sunset Bronson Studios is a media and entertainment campus located in Hollywood.  The property was developed in 1920 as the original location of Warner Brothers Studios and is significant for its association with the early development of the motion picture industry during the silent and early sound eras. As the location for the production of the 1927 film “The Jazz Singer” – the first feature-length film to contain synchronized speaking and singing scenes – the property is also directly associated with Warner Brothers’ landmark innovations in motion picture sound technology in the late 1920s.

The studio property is a designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, and its primary building is listed in the National Register. However, there was no comprehensive understanding as to the exact buildings and structures that contribute to the overall historic significance of the site. As a result, when the current owners began planning for new facilities on the property, there was no clear direction about how best to proceed and what specific areas were historically sensitive.

To resolve this issue, Historic Resources Group conducted a complete analysis of the site and defined the contributing buildings and character-defining features. This informed a project plan that isolated new development on those portions of the property that were not historically significant. HRG provided CEQA environmental review during the project entitlement phase, and continues to consult during the design and construction phases to ensure appropriate protection of the property’s historic components.

Side: Historic photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library.